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We provide a variety of quality tanks and equipment including Aboveground  Ethylene Gas Tanks.

Ethylene Gas storage tanks of various capacities ranging from 500 Liters to 500,000 Liters.
Export of Ethylene Gas storage tanks including competitive prices, reliable delivery, and friendly service of our team of experienced technicians, drivers, and knowledgeable customer support staff.

The unit comes with all safety features as per norms. The tanks are provided with all accessories like safety fittings, valves, pipelines etc.

Type: vertical and horizontal
MOC : Stainless steel or low temperature Carbon steel
Design code : ASME Sect VIII Div1 or 2 , AD Merkblatter , PD5500 , TEMA , DOT any many others

Ethylene Gas tanks are Puf Insulated with of 250mm with 20 gauge aluminium sheet barrier or vacuum insulated tanks. Liquid Ethylene Gas transfer pump with piping for loading and unloading of Liquid Ethylene Gas from plants to customer storage tanks pressure temperature indicators process piping valves and fittings Differential pressure liquid level indicator to indicate liquid level in mm WC. We are providing safety valves with isolation or diverter valve as an essential tank for safety.

The vacuum insulated liquid Ethylene Gas Storage Tank are available in different sizes. Inner tank is stainless steel and outer is carbon steel with vacuum and perlite in annular space

Large Liquid ethylene Gas storage tanks are designed as a single wall flat bottom tank without a roof, Outer tank is a flat bottom tank  ,Roof is a domed steel roof supported on the outer tank wall with a suspended deck for the Insulation.


Excellent Quality and Quantity.
Safety and weld ability.
High Quality control.
Only Believe on hard work.
Support to client need.

Ethylene Gas properties :

Gas Properties
Molecular weight  : 28.054 g/mol
Solid phase

  • Melting point  : -169.2 °C
  • Latent heat of fusion (1,013 bar, at triple point) : 119.37 kJ/kg

Liquid phase

  • Liquid density (1.013 bar at boiling point) : 567.92 kg/m3
  • Liquid/gas equivalent (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)) : 482 vol/vol
  • Boiling point (1.013 bar) : -103.8 °C
  • Latent heat of vaporization (1.013 bar at boiling point) : 482.86 kJ/kg
  • Vapor pressure (at 5 °C or 41 °F) : 47.7 bar

Critical point

  • Critical temperature  : 9.5 °C
  • Critical pressure  : 50.76 bar

Gaseous phase

  • Gas density (1.013 bar at boiling point) : 2.085 kg/m3
  • Gas density (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)) : 1.178 kg/m3
  • Compressibility Factor (Z) (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)) : 0.9935
  • Specific gravity (air = 1) (1.013 bar and 0 °C (32 °F)) : 0.974
  • Specific volume (1.013 bar and 21 °C (70 °F)) : 0.862 m3/kg
  • Heat capacity at constant pressure (Cp) (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)) : 0.042 kJ/(mol.K)
  • Heat capacity at constant volume (Cv) (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)) : 0.034 kJ/(mol.K)
  • Ratio of specific heats (Gamma:Cp/Cv) (1.013 bar and 15 °C (59 °F)) : 1.242623
  • Viscosity (1.013 bar and 0 °C (32 °F)) : 0.0000951 Poise
  • Thermal conductivity (1.013 bar and 0 °C (32 °F)) : 16.83 mW/(m.K)

Solubility in water (1.013 bar and 0 °C (32 °F)) : 0.226 vol/vol
Autoignitiontemperature  : 425 °C

Vapor Pressure Graph : The vapor pressure curve may be obtained from vapour pressure graph . On the graph, pressure is in bar or 0.1 MPa, temperature in K or °C. The critical point is indicated by a black spot on the liquid-vapor equilibrium curve.

Ethylene Gas is the premier building block of the petrochemicals industry. It is used in the production of polyethylene, ethylene dichloride, ethanol, styrene, glycols and many other products.


Ethylene Gas is usually stored as liquid at very low temperatures (103°C). Cryogenic tanks are commonly employed. Pipelines are frequently used to transfer ethylene. Very little ethylene Gas is transferred by truck.


Liquid EthyleneGas transport tank used for transportation of liquid Ethylene from one place to other. These tanks are equipped with safety fittings, unloading pump, valves, and other accessories as per CCOE norms. CCOE requirement the tanks are available in various sizes like 13kl, 18kl etc. A 200 mm thick PUF insulation is provided on tank to prevent evaporation of liquid.

Liquid EthyleneGas is transported from liquefaction plants to customer storage installations in large quantities through insulted transport tank system in low Pressure form. It mainly contains insulated coded vessels, similar to storage vessel with dimensions to suit particular vehicle model. All the valves, safety fittings, liquid transfer pumps and other instruments are housed inside of a lockable back cabin. The necessary approval and documentation is provided including mounting arrangement to get statutory approval of CCOE and other road transport authorities. The capacity ranges from 1 MT to 50 MT depending upon customer requirement and vehicle model selected.

Puf Insulation of 200mm with 20 gauge aluminium sheet barrier or vacuum insulated tanks.
Liquid EthyleneGas transfer pump with piping for loading and unloading of Liquid ethyleneGas from plants to customer storage tanks pressure temperature indicators process piping valves and fittings Differential pressure liquid level indicator to indicate liquid level in mm WC.

We are providing 2 nos. of safety valves with isolation or diverter valve as an essential tank for safety.

Design and supply of fully detailed tank drawings, including insulation system and tank nozzles.

*Analysis and FEA analysis of key components on tank including civil.
* Design and supply of tank civil calculations, detail drawings and bar bending schedules


The PUF insulated Ethylene Gas Tanks have an excellent history of durability and service. 
The PUF insulated tanks are easy to repair and maintain with least repair cost and downtime, Easy to maintain with less maintenance cost, Longer life, Less capital cost 
Easy to install, PUF insulation of 8” thickness gives insulation property as good as vacuum insulated tanks.

Ethylenegas tanks must maintain pressure between 17 to 27 bar for EthyleneGas storage. When Ethylene is drawn from the tank, lot of heat is also removed thereby lowering the temperature and pressure and this removal to heat must be replaced to maintain proper working pressure. Due to the increased insulation value on vacuum insulated tanks there is very little heat entry. Hence a vaporizer is required to maintain the proper operating pressure. If the pressure inside the unit is allowed to drop below 60.4 psig the EthyleneGas will convert to dry ice inside the unit. The unit will then have to be removed from service for a prolonged period of time to allow pressure to return to normal operating conditions. In this type of application, the heat entry into PUF insulated tanks can be very helpful.

As regards vaporizers and refrigeration systems the same is required for both PUF insulated CO2 tanks as well as vacuum insulated EthyleneGas tanks. It is misinformation to say that either PUF or vacuum insulated ethylene tanks will never require a vaporizer or refrigeration system. Most importantly, the application and frequency of usage and amount of product withdrawn will determine the best type of insulation and accessories required.
Several factors should be taken into consideration, when determining the type of units. (1) Where space is limited, vertical Ethylene tanks are more readily accepted and where there are no limitations on space, horizontal Ethylene Gas Tanks are more economical choice. Ethylene Gas Tanks are generally only available in sizes from 5 tons up to 200 tons capacity.

PUF insulated Ethylene Gas Tanks are manufactured with a manhole and allows complete flexibility to add refrigeration if it is ever required. There has been misinformation stating that all urethane Ethylene Gas Tanks require a refrigeration system. For applications where vapour or a large amount of liquid Ethylene is withdrawn on a regular basis, no refrigeration system is required. External refrigeration systems for those Ethylene Gas Tanks without an evaporator coil inside the unit are very easy to install, safe to operate and maintain
Both PUF and vacuum insulated Ethylene Gas Tanks have a carbon steel vessel. These pressure vessels are manufactured in compliance with various international design code like ASME SECT VIII DIV 1, ASME SECT VII DIV 2, PD 5500, CODAP 2000, TEMA, AD MERKBLATTER etc.

The maintenance on PUF and vacuum insulated Ethylene Gas Tanks differs. If a vacuum insulated unit loses its vacuum, the leak must be located and repaired and a new vacuum must be pulled on the unit. The downtime will vary depending on the extent of damage and the time required locating the leak, making the repairs and pulling a new vacuum on the unit. In most cases, on site repairs can be made. If the exterior of aluminium jacketed PUF Ethylene Gas Tank is damaged, the repair can be made locally with no downtime. If the outer jacket is not repaired, the insulation will eventually become saturated and the unit will have to be reinsulated.

In case of Ethylene transport tanks PUF insulated tanks have comparatively lesser dead weight as compared to Vacuum insulated tanks and so they carry more products and the payload is increased.

There is a place in today's market for both urethane and vacuum insulated Ethylene Gas Tanks. The customer should evaluate their particular needs and determine what type Ethylene storage unit is best for their application.

Industries Served

Petrochemical Plants
Fertilizer Plants
Power Plants
Nuclear Plants



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